• Woman in Gold
    WOMAN IN GOLD is the remarkable story of a woman who overcame great odds with the help of an improbably young lawyer, and righted a wrong that had stood for decades.

    Sixty years after she fled Vienna during WWII, an elderly Jewish woman Maria Altmann begins a journey to reclaim family possessions seized by the Nazis. Among them, Klimt’s famous painting the ‘Lady in Gold’, a portrait of her beloved Aunt Adele, which has become an Austrian national treasure akin to the Mona Lisa.

    Together with her inexperienced but plucky young lawyer Randy, she embarks upon a battle which will span more than 8 years, taking them all the way to the heart of the Austrian establishment and the US Supreme Court.

    Directed by Simon Curtis (My Week With Marilyn), and written by award winning playwright Alexi Kaye Campbell, WOMAN IN GOLD stars Academy Award® winner Dame Helen Mirren (The Queen) as Maria Altmann, and Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal, Safe House) as her lawyer Randy. The film also features appearances from Daniel Brühl (Rush, The Bourne Ultimatum), Max Irons (The White Queen, The Host), Charles Dance (Game of Thrones, The Jewel in the Crown), and Katie Holmes (Batman Begins, Dawson's Creek), and is a co-production with The Weinstein Company.

    "Woman In Gold is very fine indeed, a triumph of storytelling and a compelling real-life tale likely to have smart, grownup audiences cheering" Pete Hammond, Deadline

    "An extraordinary true story turned into an exemplary motion picture" Rex Reed, New York Observer