• Freefall
    FREEFALL, aired in July 2009, was the first drama to tackle head on the financial crisis. Directed by multi-BAFTA winning director Dominic Savage (Out of Control, Nice Girl), the film takes a startling and provocative look at the events that caused our lives to spiral out of control. With pace, edge and real emotional punch, it gives a unique insight into how we came so perilously close to the edge.

    Tautly and delicately interwoven, the film follows the lives of three men with everything on the line. Gus (Aiden Gillen) is the high flying city exec who packages and sells bundles of mortgages for extortionate profit. Dave (Dominic Cooper) is the mortgage broker who can make anything happen, and when Dave offers Jim (Joseph Mawle), his old school friend, a way out of the council flat he and his family have been stuck in for years, it’s an offer that is too good to refuse. A way of fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a homeowner.

    When the market collapses, each character is confronted by a shocking, revelatory truth that shines a burning light on the new realities we face.

    Starring Dominic Cooper (The Duchess, Mamma Mia), Joseph Mawle (The Passion, Persuasion), Aidan Gillen (Queer as Folk, The Wire), Rosamund Pike (Pride and Prejudice, Die Another Day) and Anna Maxwell Martin (Moonshot, Bleak House).